Softpress - Exhibeo

Put your images in the limelight.

Create web-based photo galleries with ease in Exhibeo 2 for Mac.

Exhibeo screen

Delight your visitors

Good visuals are a vital part of any successful website. Exhibeo 2 not only puts your images front and center, but does it with flair and style.


With seven themes included, there’s a gallery for almost every situation — displaying artwork, showcasing products, or keeping your group updated.

Keep things simple

Our goal with Exhibeo has always been to empower through simplicity and Exhibeo 2 has taken that mantra to the next level.

New features. It’s the all new Exhibeo.

Exhibeo coffee

New and updated themes

We’ve added a brand new theme, Photoswipe, and updated most of the existing themes with new customization options, animations, and more.

Fresh new interface

Exhibeo’s interface has been completely overhauled and reworked. It’s now cleaner, clearer, and crisper, allowing you to get on with your work.

Much more

Simpler output, passthrough images, better image editing, archives, metadata import, metadata view, image replacement, and so much more.