We missed you!

We’ve returned from the netherworld to make our award-winning applications available again, and to begin work on great new software for the future.

For a limited period, we will be selling our products at a discount because we don’t yet have the personnel to provide email or phone support. But don’t worry - there is an active and engaged community and other useful online resources available at FreewayTalk, our KnowledgeBase and FAQs.

We’re so pleased to be back and looking foward to serving you, our loyal users, for years to come.

Thank you and ENJOY!
Richard Logan for the Softpress Team

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Nieuwste Freeway 7 versie: 7.1.4

Laatste Freeway 6 versie: 6.1.2 (geen updates meer daarna, wel upgrades)

Laatste Freeway 5.5 versie: 5.6.5 (geen updates meer daarna, wel upgrades) - geen support

Laatste Freeway 5 versie: 5.4.3 (geen updates meer daarna, wel upgrades) - geen support


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